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BAD BIOLOGY @ The Cinefamily

February 11, 2010

I’ve been a very busy nerd lately and have been neglecting my blogging duties as of late. Between the holidays and a new low budget horror film that I’ve been working crew on, I’ve had a hard time keeping up with events. This past weekend I finally managed to crawl out of my bunker and make my way to the Cinefamily for an evening of mondo-movie madness!

I’ve always had a perverse crush on the sleazy little horror films made by MR. FRANK HENENLOTTER. BASKET CASE 1, 2, 3, FRANKENHOOKER and BRAIN DAMAGE are among some of my favorite all-time midnight horror flicks. His combination of social satire, sexual discovery and gooey lo-fi prosthetic monsters, all filmed with the backdrop of some of the seediest locations that New York City has to offer, has always made me regard him as a cross between DAVID CRONENBERG and a porn peddler.

It’s been about 15 years since he’s directed a film, but the exploitation cinema equivalent to TERENCE MALICK has come out of retirement with a new movie to melt your brains with. It’s called BAD BIOLOGY and I was lucky to catch a viewing with none other than HENENLOTTER himself in the house! Check out the trailer…

BAD BIOLOGY is in every way, shape and form a HENENLOTTER film. Its plot centers around a guy named Batz (ANTHONY SNEED) who’s having a hard time finding enough drugs to keep his giant mutant penis at bay. He meets up with a girl named Jennifer (CHARLEE DANIELSON) who has 7 clits and usually ends up killing her lovers during sex. Afterwards, she gives birth to a screaming mutant fetus, which she promptly throws in the nearest dumpster. Will these two sexual freaks get together and finally find happiness? Of course not, it’s a HENENLOTTER film!

I laughed and gagged my way through this movie at every turn. The plot is insane. The acting ranges from decent to amateur. The special effects are cheesy and totally old school prosthetics, including an amazing sequence that involves the detached mutant penis literally hammering its way through floorboard after floorboard of an apartment building, in an all night raping spree!

There’s also a lot of great humor that comes from a strange sort of hip-hop vibe that permeates the movie. There are several cameos from white rappers like JZONE and REMEDY and the co-writer and producer is a rap guy named R.A. (The Rugged Man) THORBURN. Also, PRINCE PAUL (from De La Soul) does the score.

There is a scene where the main guy eavesdrops on a table of teenagers talking about sex in a fast food place. The writing and performances are so brilliantly funny and the humor is soooooo inappropriate, I immediately recognized it as pure genius. This is one fucked up, funny and clever little love/monster story.

This scene KILLED me! The acting and the writing is GENIUS!

After the film, there was a great Q and A with FRANK HENENLOTTER, R.A. THORBURN, and star ANTHONY SNEED. They talked about how they shot the film without permits, all over New York and Brooklyn. HENENLOTTER said he came up with the story one day when he was reading about a bunch of fetuses that had been turning up in the trash around N.Y. He decided to write a movie about a single woman who’s responsible for all of them, because she has a mutant vagina. Interesting insight into a creative mind.

FRANK HENENLOTTER - the TERENCE MALICK of sleazy prosthetic monster horror.

R.A THORBURN, FRANK HENENLOTTER and ANTHONY SNEED try to explain themselves after the screening.

If you love FRANK HENENLOTTER, his films, or skull peeling cinema in general, then find BAD BIOLOGY and watch it at once. Preferably drunk with friends. It’s available on DVD from MEDIA BLASTERS and well worth a look. You haven’t lived till you’ve seen a POV shot from inside a mutant vagina! Nerd out!