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The Final Destination 3-D satisfies like a Snickers bar for the brain.

September 4, 2009

Final Destination 4 Movie Poster

I’m a sucker for a 3-D horror movie and I’ve had a soft spot for the FINAL DESTINATION series since the first one, back in 2000. In my opinion, it is the only “original” slasher franchise that exists in this era known as the 00’s, or the naughts, or whatever you want to call this freakish decade we’re in. You can make an argument that the SAW movies are too and I would agree that they are a variation of the genre to a certain degree, but I consider the FINAL DESTINATION movies to be the slasher formula stripped down to it’s bare bones like a rock band from Detroit.

The concept that a group of random people somehow cheat death and are in turn stalked one by one by an invisible grim reaper, who dispatches with the survivors in a series of well executed “accidents”, is brilliant in it’s simplicity. With this set up, there is never a need for a back story or continuing characters and the “killer”, the unstoppable Death, can only be delayed from taking out the survivors in order of when they were supposed to die.

Each FINAL DESTINATION movie exists in a world where around every corner a rope is ready to snap and drop something on you, or a rock could shoot through a lawnmower and into your brain, or a pool drain can suck your guts out if you get stuck in it and so on and so on. Creating a potentially dangerous situation out of everything creates an effective amount of anxiousness while watching these movies. At any moment something could short circuit, break, or fall off a shelf and create a series of domino-like actions that will lead to you being diced up into little meatballs.

THE FINAL DESTINATION is the fourth in the series and the first to be shown in 3-D. It was written by Eric Bress and directed by David R. Ellis, whom are the two men responsible for what is considered to be the best film in the series, FINAL DESTINATION 2. Truthfully, the only thing new here is a different group of victims and a series of new “creative” deaths. What makes this one “stand out” (OH! Nice one!) is the excellent 3-D that is used to send the blood and guts flying into your face. If it wasn’t for that, this movie is just a standard sequel you could probably avoid. At 82 minutes, THE FINAL DESTINATION accomplishes everything it needs to do and provides some cool 3-D thrills, but I wouldn’t see it in 2-D or watch it at home if I were you. 3-D in the theatre is the only way to go with this one.