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The first 1 and a half months of 2010 movie review roundup! YEE-HAH!

February 17, 2010

The first one and a half months of this year have contained a lot of nerdy new releases that I’ve seen and I wanted to give my thoughts on them. So there.

SHERLOCK HOLMES -I know this came out on Christmas, but I didn’t see it until after the new year.

A very exciting love story about a closeted gay couple, trying to solve an incredible mystery!

Seriously, a big part of this movie’s charm was the odd “tension” between DOWNEY JR., and LAW. I think GUY RITCHIE and gang were having a lot of fun with that notion and at points, it becomes the tail that wags the dog. It’s a little more cheeky than your usual interpretation of the famous detective, but a fun one nonetheless.

In a future sequel, I’d like to see the couple come “out” and maybe even tackle the issue of Holme’s much written about, cocaine dependency. Now THAT would be interesting!

There have been so many movies about the apocalypse lately, but who saw one about the end of days for all VAMPIRES coming? Not me.

In the future, the majority of the world’s population is made up of vampires. They’re pretty much exactly like humans, except they drink their espressos with blood instead of cream. Unfortunately, when the supply of red stuff starts running out, things really begin to “suck”.

Very cool new morphing of both genres from the SPIERIG BROTHERS that felt a little like an old CARPENTER movie at times. Awesome WILLEM DAFOE performance too.


The new post-apocalypse western/samurai film from the very talented HUGHES BROTHERS, was the graphic novel styled equivalent of last year’s superior, THE ROAD. Entertaining and well acted, but not nearly as moving, emotionally.

DENZEL WASHINGTON is the lone warrior and keeper of the only existing copy of the Bible. It’s his mission to keep it out of the wrong hands and he’s willing to chop off a few to prove it.


Just when you thought you had seen enough END OF THE WORLD movies for one month, here comes a movie about God saying “FUCK IT!” and declaring war on the entire human race, by sending an army of angels to kill us all! Jesus!

This could have been really great, but it isn’t. An unmarried, pregnant, chain smoking, white trash waitress has humanity’s last chance inside her belly. Trapped inside a diner in the desert, it’s up to a rouge angel, armed with a lot of guns, to save her and the rest of humanity.

Like a cross between THE TERMINATOR and DEMON KNIGHT, only not nearly as exciting as either. More like a graphic novel version of DOGMA. Save us!


I do not ski. The few times that I’ve gone, I did not enjoy it very much. It always seemed really dangerous and that there was a strong possibility of something disastrous happening at all times. I always felt better when I was inside somewhere,¬†safe and warm. This movie will not bring me back to the slopes anytime soon.

FROZEN is the worst all-time ski trip ever! It’s about two guys and a girl, stuck on a ski lift. That doesn’t sound like a very exciting premise, but the movie is amazingly suspenseful. ADAM (HATCHET) GREEN keeps the horror building and building and gets a lot of mileage out of one simple, primary location. The perfect winter horror film. Very cool!


Development issues, a director change and a pushed back release date made me skeptical about this new adaptation, but I really enjoyed it a lot.

JOE JOHNSTON does a nice job of creating an old fashioned style monster movie, that’s in the great Universal tradition, while adding copious amounts of blood and gore along the way! The transformation sequences, as well as the overall look of the werewolf, were a great blending of old school prosthetics and modern CGI. Bark at the moon!

That’s it, so far. I still have a few more to catch up on. This weekend I’ll be seeing the long awaited SHUTTER ISLAND, along with HUMAN CENTIPEDE (which I missed at last year’s SCREAMFEST) at the Cinefamily. Should be an interesting contrast in horror. Nerd out!


Slasherpalooza @ The Cinefamily: Victor Crowley, Shakma and Bigfoot! Oh my!

November 2, 2009


This last Thursday, the Cinefamily ended their awesome slasher series with a SLASHERPALOOZA of three of the most gonzo slashers they could find. I attended, along with a huge posse of movie maniacs, who were all in the mood for an evening of blood and guts! The show began with a screening of ADAM GREEN’S incredibly entertaining homage to old school horror, HATCHET (2007). In attendance was the director himself, ADAM GREEN, who introduced the movie to the excited crowd.

But before the feature, we were treated to two of the video shorts that he makes in his spare time with other horror filmmaker friends. First was JACK CHOP, an infomercial spoof that he made with GRACE director, PAUL SOLET. It involves a high energy cable TV pitchman, who repeatedly injures himself violently with his product, the Jack Chop. It was pretty FAKIN’ hilarious!

The second short was THE TIFFANY PROBLEM and featured HATCHET star JOEL DAVID MOORE as a thirty year old husband obsessed with trick or treating on Halloween. It also featured JOEL (Bill’s brother) MURRAY from HATCHET. Very twisted, funny stuff.

It is clearly evident in these two shorts and his first feature, that ADAM GREEN has a great sense of humor and really knows how to craft a good gore-comedy.


Adam Green intros HATCHET.

I saw HATCHET back in ’07 at the first midnight screening at the Arclight Hollywood, which was also introduced by ADAM GREEN. It’s about a group of New Orleans tourists that go on a haunted swamp tour, where they are stalked by a local legend named Victor Crowley, played by KANE (JASON) HODDER. Victor Crowley is a deformed mutant of a man who likes to bury a hatchet in the skull of anyone trespassing in his swamp.

HATCHET is filled with copious amounts of nudity, blood and gore. The kills are totally over the top, with jets of blood pumping everywhere. Heads are twisted off, bodies torn in two with the guts hanging out, faces ripped apart with power tools and limbs hacked off with sharp implements!

Wow, that's pretty fucked up!

Wow, that's really fucked up!

JOLEIGH FIOREAVANTI has her beautiful face mutilated with a belt sander.

JOLEIGH FIOREAVANTI has her beautiful face mutilated with a belt sander.


Victor Crowley even killed the director, ADAM GREEN!

It also has a great sense of humor that doesn’t take itself seriously at all. The film is very much a love letter to the kind of slasher flicks I grew up with as a kid. I can see lots of FRIDAY THE 13TH, THE BURNING, MADMAN and JUST BEFORE DAWN influences in HATCHET. It’s major fun to watch this movie with an enthusiastic audience of horror fans.

After the film there was a Q and A with ADAM GREEN and two of the lovely ladies of HATCHET, TAMARA FELDMAN (Mary Beth) and JOLEIGH FIOREAVANTI (Jenna). It was moderated by MARCUS DUNSTAN, who is one half of the writing team responsible for FEAST I, II, and III and SAW IV, V, and VI. He also cowrote and directed the overlooked and really awesome, THE COLLECTOR from this year.

Adam Green is interviewed by Marcus (THE COLLECTOR) Dunstan.





My two new girlfriends, Tamara and Joleigh!

ADAM GREEN talked about how he made HATCHET by “borrowing” the equipment from his day job of shooting local infomercials and filming most of it at night. They didn’t have enough equipment to do any backlighting and that’s why the characters only run a few feet away from the monster and then stop to get their bearings. I actually thought that was a conscious choice, because it works at giving that old school low budget feel, as well as being very funny.

He also discussed how he is currently working on HATCHET 2 for next year! He said it’s being made for the fans who really loved the first one, like me. If all goes well, it’s going to pick up where the last one ended and he promises that it will be even gorier than previously before, as long as those MPAA pussies don’t fuck with it too much. I’m looking forward to seeing more killings from Victor Crowley in the future!

On most nights this would have been plenty for even the most jaded horror fans, but the evening was just getting started, for many had turned out to see one of the greatest killer baboon movies ever made, SHAKMA! Watch this trailer and maybe you’ll understand a little, why this film is so awesome…

SHAKMA (1990) tells the story of a group of med students that lock themselves inside their school one night, so they can play an elaborate D&D type game with their professor, the game master (pronounced gay master and played in an extremely affected manner by RODDY McDOWALL). Unfortunately Shakma, one of the highly aggressive baboons that are used for experiments, accidently gets shot up with a drug that makes him completely psychotic and he’s loose in the building! Just like a slasher, SHAKMA picks them off one by one.




The film stars two time recipient of the National Association of Theatre Owner’s Star of the Year Award, CHRISTOPHER (BLUE LAGOON, A NIGHT IN HEAVEN) ATKINS, AMANDA (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET) WYSS, ARI (KATE AND ALI) MEYERS and … SHAKMA!!!

Shakma was actually played in real life by TYPHOON the baboon, who is the REAL STAR of this film. It is one of the most pissed off simians I’ve ever seen and there is a lot of footage of him running, jumping and smashing himself against doors, trying to get at his victims.

One of the tricks the animal wranglers used to make TYPHOON go nuts, was by taking a female baboon in heat and teasing the horny star with her, off camera. TYPHOON would go after the female like a crazed tornado and that’s what they filmed. If you look closely, you can see that Shakma’s sporting wood in a few shots.

I saw SHAKMA once before, over a year ago at The Cinefamily, and it was probably one of my favorite experiences of seeing a movie with an audience, ever. The crowd reaction made it a true cult experience and the film is just sooooo much fun to watch. You could make a drinking game out of how many times it sounds like they are referring to RODDY McDOWALL as the gay master, alone.

CHRISTOPHER ATKINS’ way over the top performance is a joy to behold. He really hams it up at the end, when he goes mano a baboono with SHAKMA in a fight to the death!

It would be very difficult to top these first two films, but somehow the Cinefamily did with this…

“This film will rip your dick off.” – Hadrian Belove, head programmer of The Cinefamily

NIGHT OF THE DEMON (1980) is a rarely seen film about a killer Bigfoot massacring campers in the woods. It was never given a theatrical release and only exists as a VHS from 1980.

It tells the tale of Professor Nugent and his students, who embark on a journey to locate Bigfoot, whom is believed to be responsible for countless deaths. They disturb a Black Magic ritual and eventually uncover the truth about Bigfoot, and his mutant offspring, but will they survive to tell anyone?

This movie was ape-shit crazy and contains some of the most fucked up kills I’ve ever seen! It is a true slasher movie with a Sasquatch killer, taking people out in outrageously violent manners. One guy even gets his dick ripped off by the nasty beast! Just check out what he does to these two poor girl scouts….

And yes, there is also a scene where a woman is attacked and raped by Bigfoot! Later, she gives birth to a mutant baby Bigfoot and the scene is an amazing combination of goofy and totally fucked up. My brain is still spinning from it.

We were all a little stunned and exhausted by what we had just witnessed, as we made our way out of the theatre at 2:30 A.M. SLASHERPALOOZA was amazing fun and a great way to end a fantastic series! SHAKMA!!!