Planet Of The Nerds’ Manifesto

That's me and NERD GOD - EDDIE DEEZEN!!!

That's me and NERD GOD - EDDIE DEEZEN!!!

There was a time, not too long ago, when nerds were hunted by the elite and the athletic for sport. These “dark ages” have been well documented in many of the teen sex comedies from the eighties. But today, with the invention of the internet, nerds now have the upper hand in society. It is our time for global domination! Welcome to the Planet of the Nerds!!! Nerd.

Planet of the Nerds is Mike Monterastelli. Mike Monterastelli writes, acts and is a nerd. He was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and now lives somewhere in Los Angeles, California.

2 Responses to “Planet Of The Nerds’ Manifesto”

  1. Pierce Martin Says:

    I really enjoyed reading the Planet of the Nerds blog. I especially liked the blog entry, 15 Really Cool Horror Movies to Watch On Halloween. It’s a terrific list of very underrated horror movies and a great way for a horror movie fan to remember some cult classics like the Phantasm series and Pumpkinhead. A great trip down a very scary memory lane.

  2. Jay Morong Says:

    Just came across your blog! In particular your year end bests and was amazed at how many we have in common. VALHALLA RISING was #1 for me as well! Living in Charlotte, NC it is tough to see a lot of these films but luckily Actionfest (a genre festival in NC) brought VALHALLA, GOOD BAD WEIRD, & TUCKER/DALE to North Carolina in April (as well as another great film from this year VENGEANCE by Johnnie To). Anywho, kudos on your blog and list and i will be looking forward to future entries.


    j. morong

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