The Human Centipede (The First Sequence): A-T-M at it’s finest!

Wow! Just when you thought your jaded, seen-it-all, movie-nerd eyeballs couldn’t possibly be shocked by anything new the world of film has to offer, a motion picture comes along that reaches into your skull and rips your mind a new asshole. It’s called THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE (THE FIRST SEQUENCE) and I managed to talk a group of friends into braving a screening of it with me at the Cinefamily this last weekend. This is the notorious little horror film from Holland that won honors at both the FrightFest in London and ScreamFest in L.A.,  just last year. The movie has quite a reputation due to its unusual premise, which concerns a crazed German doctor sewing two hot American girls and a Japanese man together, ass-to-mouth. That’s right, ass-to-mouth.

The film starts out like a typical horror film. Two attractive American girls (ASHLYNN YENNIE and ASHLEY C. WILLIAMS) vacationing in Europe, stumble across a secluded home in the woods, when their car gets a flat tire. Unfortunately for them, the home belongs to the insane Dr. Heiter (DIETER LASER), who is in the process of recovering from the loss of his beloved three-hound (a previous creation). The girls are perfect candidates for his next experiment and before long, they are drugged and sewn together, ass-to-mouth, with an abducted Japanese man (AKIRO KITAMURA), so that they become a human centipede.  Yep, that’s what it’s about.

That's what a human centipede looks like, folks.

I expected to be completely disgusted and repulsed by this film, and I was. There was a nervous expectation from everyone in my group before the movie started. My friend Josh bought a bucket of popcorn just so he’d have “something to vomit in later,” but we were all surprised by just how funny HUMAN CENTIPEDE is. TOM SIX has written and directed a movie that is as hilarious, as it is gross. That’s quite an accomplishment. I laughed and groaned till my ribs ached.

The film is in English, German and Japanese and features a great cast that really put a lot of hard work into making it. DIETER LASER deserves to win an Oscar for his amazing performance as the mad scientist. The joy he displays from completing his vision is both heart warming and horrifying, all at once. The audience rooted for him to accomplish his crazy ass-to-mouth dream throughout the screening. AKIRO KITAMURA, ASHLYNN YENNIE and ASHLEY C. WILLIAMS that make up the human centipede are all very talented actors, as well as being incredibly good sports. It’s the total overall commitment to this ridiculously nauseating concept that makes THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE the success it is. In an era of remakes and sequels, you can’t say it isn’t original. I have never seen anything like it before and I’ve seen some really crazy shit.

Also, in order to be as realistic as possible, an experienced physician was consulted during the conceptualization of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE (THE FIRST SEQUENCE) and the ass-to-mouth surgery is 100% medically accurate!

After the screening, ASHLYNN YENNIE (Jenny) came up and thanked the audience for being such a great crowd and understanding that it’s a comedy, by laughing at all the right things. She also told us that TOM SIX is currently gearing up for the follow-up, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE (THE FULL SEQUENCE). Yikes! She said that it’s gonna make THE FIRST SEQUENCE look like MY LITTLE PONY. Christ on a cracker!


According to IMDB, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE (THE FULL SEQUENCE) is currently in pre-production and it’s the second part of an intended double feature from TOM SIX, whom I imagine to be some crazed European genius not unlike Dr.Heiter himself.

It’s been picked up by IFC Films for distribution and I hope it becomes what it deserves to be, a midnight movie cult hit. It’s disgusting, but very entertaining and made for an audience that wants to see something totally brain roasting. Is America ready for an ass-to-mouth horror film? I think so. Nerd out!

This was Josh's reaction to THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE.


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One Response to “The Human Centipede (The First Sequence): A-T-M at it’s finest!”

  1. Sophie Says:

    This absouletely disgusting , how could anybody even think up something like this , it’s so inhumane .

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