Stunt Rock, ROCKS!!!!

The tag line reads: Death Wish at 120 Decibels!

The tag line reads: Death Wish at 120 Decibels!

I first saw Stunt Rock over a year ago when Eli Roth played it on a double bill with THE APPLE for his festival at The New Beverly Cinema. It was a film that had been rediscovered by the boys at the Alamo Drafthouse and it had also played here in L.A. at The Silent Movie Theatre. I considered myself special that night to be one of about twelve people in attendance to witness the magic of this strange little movie. I tried to explain it to my friends later, but could never properly translate in words what it was I had just seen.

Thankfully, Brian Quinn of The Grindhouse Film Festival managed to procure a brand new 35mm print of Brian Trenchard-Smith’s masterpiece for all to see and last night was a special midnite show at the New Bev. The audience was packed with people who’d never seen it, but heard the lore and had to check it out for themselves.

Stunt Rock has been described by some as a “90 minute trailer” or what happens when JACK ASS and SPINAL TAP collide. It’s an almost plotless film about real life Aussie stuntman and daredevil, GRANT PAGE and his first visit to Hollywood. Like a cross between CROCODILE DUNDEE and HOOPER, Page hooks up with a hot female reporter, drives her ’69 Chevy Camaro SS like a madman throughout the streets of 1978 L.A., while recalling a dune buggy chase he once had. The screen then splits in two and we see the nuttiest dune buggy chase ever!

The film just continues at a totally random pace, introducing us to the hard rock band SORCERY, who once opened for VAN HALEN. Sorcery is kinda like KISS, if they went with a magic and fantasy look instead of their demon/sci- fi thing. The group even has two members called THE KING OF THE WIZARDS and THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS, who do battle with each other during the bands live set, complete with shooting fire and pyrotechnics! Also, the keyboardist for the group is a guy who always wears a hood over his face, even when he’s backstage, and has an oddly dubbed voice that sounds like a disturbed child. What the stuntman and Sorcery have to do with each other I don’t know, but somehow it all works beautifully.

Are you ready to ROCK?!

Are you ready to ROCK?!

That’s pretty much the main plot. The rest is a fever dream of sounds and imagery: Grant Page being set on fire and falling down a hill. Sorcery rehearsing their music and magic. A car crash montage. Grant Page making a phone call on a highwire, hundreds of feet in the air and without a net. An amazing workout montage that features Grant Page doing chin ups on the Hollywood sign. Grant Page jumping off a bridge and landing on top of a giant explosion!! And concluding with Sorcery’s sold out concert where The King of all Wizards hypnotizes The Prince of Darkness while the band rocks out! They even show a highlight clip of the chase scene from the original GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS for no reason whatsoever.

Soon everyone will be able to enjoy the magic of Stunt Rock because Code Red is releasing a 2 disc DVD in the near future! If you like dangerous, crazy ass stunts and loud, flamboyant 70’s rock music than this film will fuck your mind into jelly. STUNT ROCK!!!


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