Who watches the Watchmen Director’s Cut? Me!

Batman thinks you should check out the Watchmen Director's Cut on DVD and Bluray.

Batman thinks you should check out the Watchmen Director's Cut on DVD and Bluray.

Watchmen is one of my favorite films of the year so far and the new director’s cut has made me love it even more. I’m one of those fans of the graphic novel who thought Zack Snyder really did an impressive job of turning that story into a compelling and exciting film. The longer cut fills out a lot of the scenes and adds more depth to the characters and story. One new scene involving Hollis Mason being beaten to death by a gang of vicious street thugs as he flashes back to his previous battles with older villains is very poignant and moving. It is one of the most artistic films of this type I have ever seen and maybe that’s why it didn’t connect with audiences. Maybe they weren’t ready for a really mature, edgy deconstruction of the super-hero genre. I’ve been waiting years for it. Watching the Blu ray the other night made me appreciate the film even more than I did back in March. It reminded me of BLADE RUNNER and how disappointed all my geek friends were in it when it first came out and how it grew in respect over the years. And like that film, the director’s cut makes it all the more fuller and satisfying an experience. I’m looking forward to the even longer edition that incorporates the “Tales of the Black Freighter” comic. Oh, and all that blue Dr. Manhattan dong stuff didn’t bother me either. Is the most powerful being on earth supposed to have a small penis just so you nerds can feel better about yourselves? Besides, I didn’t really think he was that big. OH!


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